CTE Mentors

South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) Developing Instructional Readiness for Educators of Career and Technical Education (DIRECT) – Mentor Program provides Career and Technical Education (CTE) mentors resources for supporting first and second-year teachers transitioning from industry into the classroom.


Mentor Teacher Selection

SCDE CTE Education Associates identify and designate at least one Mentor Teacher to mentor the local education agencies (LEA) new CTE teachers (mentee) during the academic year.

In designating Mentor Teacher(s), the following criteria are considered:

  1. A minimum of 3-5 years teaching in public school setting
  2. Accept responsibility for administrator awareness
  3. Active in professional organizations and annual professional development conferences
  4. Certified in mentee(s) related field
  5. Demonstrate evidence of a high-quality program
  6. Involved with CTSO or other available student/professional competitions
  7. Located outside mentee(s) school/district
  8. Located within close geographic range (less than an hour drive, when possible)
  9. Possess a continuing education contract
  10. Teach in the same pathway as the mentee
  11. Follow the correct procedures when facilitating courses:
    • advisory council/committee,
    • completers,
    • concentrators,
    • postsecondary experiences,
    • state-approved standards,
    • students' credentials,
    • work-based learning experiences


Mentor Teacher Responsibilities

  1. Complete annual mentor professional development training.
  2. Completed two (2) differentiated visitation opportunities with assigned mentee(s).
  3. Conduct non-evaluative teacher observations, and provide mentee feedback
  4. Consult with mentee(s) regarding organizational procedures, including PowerSchool and program/student credentialing
  5. Invite mentee(s) to at least one (1) program advisory meeting
  6. Provide resources and guidance to mentee(s) about instructional methodologies, effective teaching strategies, classroom management, lesson plan design, and student engagement
  7. Serve as a professional role model for colleagues
  8. Submit verification documentation as required

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