When can I enroll in the DIRECT CTE Teaching Program?

Apply after completing the application process. Qualified candidates will be issued a Letter of Eligibility (LOE). A Confirmation of Employment (COE) must be completed by the employing South Carolina public school district. The form is available to districts only through the Certification Portal System (CPS). Receipt of the completed COE triggers the issuance of an Induction certificate and officially enrolls the candidate into the Five-Year CTE Work-Based Certification Program.

When will I be assigned my CTE Mentor?

You will be assigned your DIRECT CTE Mentor during your 1st Cohort unless you’re a late hire. Late hires will obtain a mentor assignment during the DIRECT #2 Cohort.

How can I become a CTE Mentor?

Obtain a letter of recommendation from your CTE Program Education Associate, then email your request for training with the recommendation as an attachment to the DIRECT Program Coordinator.

Once I register for DIRECT what can I expect?

Once you have registered for the Cohort and obtain the confirmation page of receipt, you should go to the "Cohort Information" for dates, times and location of your selected Cohort. Your Cohort will open two days before class starts and you will be contacted by your Instructor at that time with instructions.

What course materials are needed and how do I obtain them?

All course materials will be provided in a PDF format for you to use digitally or print if you desire by your Instructor two days before class begins.

How is the DIRECT instruction taught?

All instruction is taught face-2-face using the Microsoft TEAMS learning management systems (LMS).